3D Print Farm Simulator

(V0.11 alpha beta prototype) (Desktop only)

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Patch Notes:
V0.02 added launch screen and confirmation before purchasing 3d printer
V0.03 added 3d random chance 3d printer failures
V0.04 added music and sound effects
V0.05 implemented first 3 upgrades
V0.06 fixed mouse click registering through buttons, added fourth upgrade (7/5/22)
V0.07 fixed mouse blocker glitch, added fifth upgrade, started implementing monthly recaps (7/6/22)
V0.08 added filament management and supply chain simulation (7/7/22)
V0.09 added shelf organization upgrade (7/7/22)
V0.10 implemented and refined gameplay progression, fixed button mouse blocker glitch, added more upgrades. (7/8/22)
V0.11 added hints, doubled the game speed, and added a button to mute music (7/31/22)

This game is in testing / beta phase. If you encounter any bugs / glitches, please comment below:

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this game is fun, of course it is not finished but this game has a big potential, I recommend you to put a tooltip on the marketing update to understand what it does, and to put the update faster for auto fullfill, that’s for game control. Now the graphics, in the future, you should try to put another design and color for printing, I like this game and I encourage you to continue it.=)


Overall, the game is great. It does have a bug where the inventory count does not match the physical or visible count of prints. For example, I can fill every space with a printer and have 500 prints in inventory, but because there is no space for the visible print, none sell. Maybe a separate room for inventory? I would also love it if this game was available for download! Everything else is great though!


Hey everyone, leave any suggestions or report any glitches with the game here!


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