3D Printing For Everyone

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3D Printing for Everyone

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A comprehensive 3d printing resource textbook with over 200 pages. Includes full color pages with helpful graphics and diagrams. Learn the fundamentals of 3d printing, troubleshoot frustrating issues, and learn how to design your own things.

Why is this textbook important?

  • High quality reference guide for everything 3d printing
  • Teaches you in depth 3d printing information
  • Troubleshoot 3d printing issues on the fly
  • Learn the science behind 3d printing
  • Learn the art of designing things specifically for 3d printing

Why I Created This Book:

  • To help you master the art and science of 3d printing and design.
  • To create a lasting resource that will last for years into the future.
  • To document the current state of 3d printing.
  • To share everything I've learned over the years and to pass down my knowledge to anyone will to learn.


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Quickly Troubleshoot 3D Printing Issues:

Can't 3d print what you want because your 3d printer keeps malfunctioning?
This book is specifically designed to help you get through any trouble you might have with your 3d printer so you can easily print what you want when you want.

J. Steven Wolfe P.E.:
  • Number of students: 2000+
  • Content Creator: 300k+ Subscribers and Followers
  • 50+ million views across all platforms
  • California Registered Professional Engineer
  • Product Designer - Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Founder of Wolfe Pacific LLC (est. 2018)
  • Owner of 3D Printer Academy
  • 9+ Successful Kickstarter Campaigns


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Whats Inside:


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