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3D Printed Belt Sander / Grinder (Free version)

3D Printed Belt Sander / Grinder (Free version)

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I also adapted this machine to fit other sanding belts length and width (25x762, 30x750, 30x800, 40x760 and 50x760):

I designed this belt sander so that anyone with a print area of at least 23 × 23 cm can print it.
It is made to fit 30x750 sanding belts and simple to build.
Please make sure you have the right sanding belt before starting printing.

If you want to learn more about it, I also made a YouTube video:
(Yes the video is in German, but I made subtitles for English and French people)

Or if you have any question ask in the comments.

Needed is:

  • a motor (is better when more than 120w) (Many motor sizes fit in this machine, up to 48 mm diameter(wants to use a bigger motor? > The length does not matter.)
  • ball-bearing: 6x 8x22x7 mm
  • threaded M8 rod: 65 | 95 | 90 mm
  • 20t GT2 pulley
  • a 245 mm GT2 belt
  • obviously the sanding belt
    • 16x M3 15 mm
    • 11x M3 10 mm
    • 6x M4 10 mm
    • 2x M4 15 mm
    • 2x M6 70 mm
    • 2 screws for the motor
  • Nuts:
    • 11x M3
    • 6x M4
    • 2x M6
    • 7x M8
  • a 3x30x120 mm thin wooden plate
  • a 10x15 mm switch
    -Some PLA to print the Parts ~ 510 g

Links* to some parts:

Nuts and bolts
20t GT2 pulley:
Ball bearing 8 x 22 x 7 mm
The Filament I use*:

power supply:

*These links are affiliate links.

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