3D Printing Beginners Guide

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to 3D print your own cool things? This online video course teaches you everything you need to know, all in one convenient place. No need to search around on YouTube for hours trying to find a complete series. 

Everything you need to know is right here. From choosing a printer, designing your own parts, set your printer to the optimal settings for a beautiful print.

This course is broken down into 5 easy to follow video lessons. Soon you will be designing and printing your own amazing things.

Introductory Course Outline:

1. Choosing a 3D Printer | How 3D Printers Work | Setting Up Your 3D Printer (35mins)

2. What Software Applications Are Needed to 3d Print (8mins)

3. How to Design Your First Object - Part 1 (25mins)

4. How to Design Your First Object - Part 2 (17mins)

5. Preparing Your Design for 3D Printing | Let's Print! (25mins) 


We look forward to having you in our course!


3D Printer Academy