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Yet another filament spool storage box but i wanted to make something that is customizable to different sizes of spools since I purchase my filaments from many different suppliers. This was designed in Fusion 360, so unfortunately it is not compatible with the thingiverse customizer which is based on openscad. However i have included the fusion 360 files here. If you import them into Fusion 360, you may customize it by changing the parameters menu. Almost all the measurements in this designed is based on parameters, so changing the numbers below will automatically update across the model.

Key parameters to look out for:
OuterDia - This is the outer diameter of the spool (model uploaded was set at 200mm)
InnerDia - This is the inner diameter of the spool (model uploaded was set at 89.80mm)
InnerHeight - This is the height of the spool measured from the inner sides (model uploaded was set at 55mm)
OuterHeight - This is the height of the spool measured from top to bottom (model uploaded was set at 60mm)
Thickness - This is the thickness of the individual compartment walls (2mm)
Boltdia - The diameter of the securing pins (model uploaded was set at 5mm)

Important!!! - When changing the parameters, make sure to change in logical order, example, if changing inner diameter to a value larger than the existing outer diameter, ensure to change the outer diameter first else will cause error in fusion 360.

Assembly process:

  1. Print the 4 compartments
  2. Print the securing pins x 8
  3. Print the drill guide (drill guide size changes accordingly to the parameters above, so if you change the parameters above, it may affect the drill guide size)
  4. Place one of the compartment into the spool. Place the drill guide into the handle of the compartment. Use a marker to mark the holes for drilling.
  5. Drill the required holes, then secure the 1st compartment using the securing pins. Depending on machine, you may need to use the drill to drill the holes in the compartment bigger in order to fit the securing pins.
  6. Repeat the step 4 and 5 until all 4 compartments are installed.

Printing the compartments and the securing pins does not require supports. The pins are designed to be printed flat on it's side.

I may work on making something to stack multiple spools in the future. Feel free to give your suggestions in the comment section on how to do this better. Thank you.

Update 26 Feb 2021:
Uploaded a newer Fusion 360 file. Had some issue when reducing the wall thickness to 0.8mm. Also reworked on a sturdier drill guide. In my opinion, wall thickness of 2mm is overkill. 0.8mm - 1.2mm is sufficient for general usage and uses less filament too.

Print Settings

Printer: V-King

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2 for the pins, 0.3 for the compartment for speed 

Infill: 10%-20%

Filament brand: Generic 

Filament color: Any

Filament material: PLA