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Click Elements (Tripod, Helping Hand, Fun, ...)

Click Elements (Tripod, Helping Hand, Fun, ...)

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A simple click element to have fun with.

To get something useful, there are customizable feets (with optional nuts space for weight), a simple hand clip to build a helping hand, a top base for a tripod, hexpod or what you want.

With flat feets and a three element top base it gets a tripod.
With a bigger base (with nut space for weight) and the hand clip a helping hand is build.

And as a simple example a picture holder or a presentation base is quickly put together.

Because the parts are customizable, the size and form is flexible to create. well, the hand clip is a bit restricted in length, because of the fixed spring size.

PETG should be preferred for printing. With PLA the parts snap too, but after some movement of the parts they likely gets a looser fit.

And expect some parts to break when snapping the first time, but you can change the parameters about snappiness or fitness if you like.

02'2021: added versions with print helpers, simply cut them away. and added elements with two bottoms (feet feet) and two tops (head head, one is a bit flatted to allow upright printing. with a brim it printed well).

Have fun.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Prusa

Printer: Mk2.5s

Rafts: No

Supports: No 

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 20% - 50% 

Filament brand: Prusament 

Filament material: PETG


elephant foot compensation did help me to avoid breaking parts at first click.


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