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Creality CR-10 Adjustable Filament Spool Holder

Creality CR-10 Adjustable Filament Spool Holder

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by Vulcan69 January 03, 2019

Hendrik72's spool holder seemed one of the best for me. However not everybody have fidget spinners laying around with those extra 608 bearings. Besides I have always wanted to print bearings and see how they perform.
Also I wanted to make width of holders adjustable with threaded locking.

Credits for bearings goes to emmet's gear bearing Feel free to make for example thinner bearing with customizer if your printing tolerances are too big and you can't make bearing to fit.

You need front holder, back holder, adjustment screw + knob and 4x bearing locks + 4 x bearings.

You may print holders laying on side or standing. I made both and results were OK. Laying on side gives nice finish on front plate but I recommend manual support placement since cleaning the gap for bearings is a pain.

There is also a 6mm allen bit for drill. It's for easy spinning of bearings to get them really loose and smooth. Easier with drill :)

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: CR-10S

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0,15-0,2

Filament brand: -

Filament material: ecoPLA


Layer height:
Holders 0,20-0,25
Adjustment screw + knob 0,15-0,2

  • for screw I added a brim of 8mm to enhance adhesion to bed
    Bearing locks 0,15
    Bearings 0,15-0,20
More or less, depending on printer accuracy


Printed surface of bearing is quite smooth and slippery. I painted thin layer of UV glue on outer ring to improve grip between bearing and spool.

Holes may not end up exactly correct as designed, depending on your printer. You may need to print adjustment screw 99% or 99,5% scale. Also knob may need 101% scaling.
Front holder hole also needed to be finished with drill.

One good way to attach the knob is to hold it a while in hot water and then press it on place. Remember to put it thru front holder first :)

I also had to push hot 6mm allen key thru the holes to get those right. Found that easier than grinding :)

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