Cute Ghost Chess Set

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Cute Ghost Chess Set

Well it's been a while since my previous set (which you can find here!)- but it's finally here. A cute ghost chess set for you to enjoy this spooky season.

I have not been able to fully test out the print quality of each of these pieces... but I'll be readily making changes and listening for feedback to update this set from people that are eager to print this out this spooky season! As with my previous set, I'll be sure to update here and in the comments should I make any minor or large changes. And similarly I'll be including all the project files, which includes the blend file from blender.

Also I've including some versions of the pieces that should be able to fit a US Quarter into the base (file name should include "CuteGhost-Quarter-*"). Haven't tested it myself- so if there are issues be sure to let me know!

Happy Printing!

Check out this time lapse print from @Massa0815

Update Log

1/7/2021 - included link to time lapse video!
11/12/2020 - Uploaded blender blend file (which I totally meant to upload with the original post!! Whoops!)
11/8/2020 - Uploaded "Eyes" zip file, that includes little pieces that you should be able to fit into the models of the chess pieces. Also includes an updated version of the king that has the crown as a separate piece (if you wanted to print out the crown in a separate material)
10/12/2020 (5:20 PM EST) - re-uploaded Rook, seems like old model didn't have subdivisions it needed to be smooth.
10/12/2020 - Uploaded to thingiverse!