Design For 3d Printing | Fusion 360 Masterclass

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"My highest quality and most comprehensive course to date" -Steven (Course Instructor) 

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the skills you need to design your own models for 3D printing using Fusion 360, a powerful 3d modeling software application that is free for personal use. 
  • Feel comfortable tackling both simple or complicated multi-part designs by learning the core features of Fusion 360. 
  • Learn to design your own unique creations from the initial idea stage to a complete finished working model. 
  • 200+ Videos
  • Unique Course Projects


No prior 3d modeling experience is needed to take this course. It is designed for both beginners and intermediate level designers. 

Course Description:

There are many great 3d models available to download online for 3d printing, however having the ability to design your own objects opens a whole new world of opportunities for 3d printing. This is what makes 3d printing really powerful: being able to think of something you want to create, and being able to make it in the real world.


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Fusion 360 Workspace:

9+ Hours of content

Course Outline:

  • Introduction (1 video)
  • Getting Going With Fusion 360 (5 videos)
  • Workflow Example (2 videos)
  • User Interface (19 videos)
  • Sketches In Fusion 360 (23 videos)
  • Sketch Constraints (13 videos)
  • Construct (10 videos)
  • Solid Bodies (22 videos)
  • Modify Solid Bodies (15 videos)
  • Appearance (1 video)
  • Render (8 videos)
  • Inspect (2 videos)
  • Insert (2 videos)
  • Big Picture Overview of 3D Printing (1 video)
  • Sample Gear Project (12 videos)
  • Designing For 3d Printing (9 videos)
  • Hardware Inserts (4 videos)
  • Preparing Your Model For 3d Printing (17 videos)
  • Materials (9 videos)
  • Project #1 - Gearbox (22 videos)
  • Project #2 - Automatic Marble Machine (12 videos)
  • Conclusion (1 video)

Course Projects:

1. Gearbox

2. Marble Machine

Course Instructor:

Owner of 3D Printer Academy 

Product Designer - Bachelor of Science in Engineering 

Founder of Wolfe Pacific LLC (est. 2018)


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