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DIY 3D printed PC Case

DIY 3D printed PC Case

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This is my custom computer case !

The entire case is 3D printed with the exeption of the side panels.
This case is compatible with ATX, mATX and mITX motherboards, ATX power supplies and even custom watercooling !

The structure is made of PET with some parts made in PLA like the front grill, HDD cage and PCI covers.

The button and button ring are printed with resin and the ring is clear so backlighting is possible.

I've used a variety of inserts from this kit :
And some magnets:

Here are the front USBs :

Side panels are made out of 8mm Plexiglass.

Print Settings

Printer: Artillery Sidewinder X1

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes 

Resolution: 0.25 

Infill: 20

Filament brand: BASF

Filament color: white 

Filament material: PET 

Notes: I've used almost 4 kg of PET and a few 100grs of PLA supports included.

Total print time is around 250 hours.


The case was sanded, primed and painted for a smooth finish ! 

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