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Drink dispenser

Drink dispenser

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Drink organizer.

Have always cold drinks, thanks to this dispenser, fill the dispenser up to 9 units.(33 cl Diam 66 x 115 lenght)
The bottom drink is always the coldest.
only 130 wide x 170 high x 330 deep, designed for fridge.

Full print with 3x4x4 walls/top/bottom and aprox 20% infil came to about 140g+140g in weight.

Model 2 pieces for bed 300 x 300 mm rotation 45 degrees. (2 models full)
Model 2 + 2 pieces for 220x200 beds (4 models little)

Added slim model, smaller dimensions and only 75 grams (always bed 300x300)
I have also added the CAD files

You do not need extra parts, only fit tightly, in case of loose parts you can put a little glue on the lace

  • Add design for 11 unit 66x115 in 4 piezes (bed 220x220)
  • Add design for 10 unit 66x115 in 2 piezes (bed 300x300)
  • Add design only 6 unit 66 x 115 in 2 piezes (bed minimum 220x220)

For other dimensions:
The design is prepared for a can of Diameter 66 x 115 in height. If you have other dimensions it is very easy to adapt it by scale. For example, a can with a diameter of 55/66 = 0.878 of scale in X and Y axis, if it has a length of 146/115 = 1.27 of scale in Z.
So you can make the design for any can, I have added a photo to understand.

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Two trees Sapphire Plus

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 200

Infill: 30

Filament brand: Pla Fervi Esencial, Petg

Filament material: PLA-PETG


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