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Duncans Battery Box Collection

Duncans Battery Box Collection

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A set of battery boxes to store AA, AAA, C, D, PP3 (6F22) and 23A batteries. Also included are the Fusion360 files so you can do your own thing with them. I've added C size boxes as a courtesy - please note I don't have any C batteries so not tested them, I got the battery sizes of Wikipedia and added a bit of wiggle room :)

By request I've added the CR123A/16340 and 18650 boxes. These are .STL files only and don't have the letters in the top.

The Fusion files are parametric so you can change the capacity of the boxes, but please be aware that you may have to make tweaks to the sketches if you do this.

Print Instructions


The box lids have been sized to have a generous gap for the letters, these will need to be printed separately and held in the top with a couple of drops of glue. The box lids are designed to be printed upside down, and where .3mf files are present they are set up to do this.

To print from .3MF files

Open your slicer and load the appropriate .3MF file. Generate the GCODE using the material and printer of your choice and print. As above, follow up with the letters in a contrasting colour.

To print from .STL files

Open your slicer and place the .STL files for the lid and box that you want. For example, aaa_box.stl and aaa_lid.stl. When doing the letters, it works well to flip them over so they are being printed face down. This gives a great finish on the face of the letters, especially if you are using a powder coated steel sheet :)

Happy Printing!

Print Settings

Printer brand: Prusa

Printer: I3 MK3S

Rafts: No

Supports: No 

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 15%

Filament brand: Any

Filament color: Any

Filament material: PLA / PETG


After printing, glue the letter into the lid of the box for easy identification

How I Designed This

These boxes were designed on AutoDesk Fusion 360 and based on parameteric settings. If you change the parameters some of the sketches might need a little work


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