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FAST and Strong Painter's Pyramids

FAST and Strong Painter's Pyramids

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These are simple tripods that elevate the piece you're painting so you can paint all sides at once, without waiting for it to dry.

This model is designed to be used with the Spiralize feature. When spiralized, they are still very strong, stackable, and should only take 8-10 minutes to print (see print settings).

Edit 12/14/2021: Added 3-sided tripods and "tall" versions. I am using the tall versions to paint a piece above a drying piece.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 3

Rafts: No

Supports: No 

Resolution: 0.28 

Infill: 0% 

Filament brand: Hatchbox 

Filament color: Yellow

Filament material: PLA


Print with Spiralize setting. Set bottom layers to 0 to make stackable. For a faster print, increase print speed to 60mm/s but keep initial layer speed lower to ensure adhesion. You may also want to decrease your "Minimum Layer Time" to about 2 seconds so that the upper layers don't slow down too much.


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