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Festive Christmas Ornaments

Festive Christmas Ornaments

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Here's a collection of spiral-shaped ornaments that I designed in Blender. You can get beautiful results by switching colors as they print.

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Print Settings

Printer brand: Anycubic

Printer: All-metal Mega

Rafts: Yes 

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 15%

Filament brand: TTYT3D 

Filament color: Red, Purple, Silver, Gold, Copper  

Filament material: PLA  


Print the teardrop ornaments upside down (point facing up) and keep the temperature down. I found 195 degrees works well. Higher temps could result in the top melting as it prints.

The teardrops print well with support's overhang angle set to 57 degrees.

The spherical design prints well with support's overhang angle set to 67 degrees.

I recommend printing them at 100% or larger. The structure is already rather thin. You might go as small as 75%, but it may impact printing or create a very fragile object. If you own cats, don't print below 100%.


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