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Fidget Gears V2 Keychain Print In Place

Fidget Gears V2 Keychain Print In Place

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by kasinatorhh April 24, 2019

Update 2029-07-21: added post print section.
After all the updates to my Anycubic I3 Mega-S printer I'm now able to print this at 100% size!
Updates on Printer were: TMC2208 Steppers, Marlin 1.1.9 Firmware, new part cooling.
Important parameter for print quality is "Outer walls before Inner walls"

Update 29.04.2019: fixed the issues in comments in "KeyChain2_"
This is a KeyChain Remix to not easily loose it.
Never again drain your Car-Keys Battery, as you have something else to play with :)

Printed _BasicSupport at 120% to have Name-Plate printable with 0.6mm nozle.
-ABS Innofil3D Silver
-ABS Ultimaker Black
-Concentric Support from BuildPlate, 1.4mm line distance
-25mm/s Wall speed (Slow)
-prints in 2.5hours
-1.75m Material 2.85mm Filament

I used Two Colors to proof it's printed in place ;)
Would like to see this printed in Rainbow Filament (but you would need more than 4 to have a smooth colorchange, as it's not that much filament :)

Please post a print if you like and tip the Designer :)



Not only remove the Support barrels, but also make sure the surface of the print is smoothed, otherwise it will "stutter"
Using a scalpel or a drilling machine with a 1mm drill is working good.
This smoothing process sometimes takes me 45min.
Turn the gears and see where it still sticks--> these places were overlooked.
This is much more important on PLA than on ABS, because ABS smoothed itself a bit via the Forces during play.

Clean print relics
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