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Filament box with Filler Spool Holder

Filament box with Filler Spool Holder

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Filament Box Remix with Filler Spool Holder

Split version - I split the V2 box and lid into 4 separate stl files so that it can be printed on smaller printers. You will just need to glue the pieces together.

Version V2 - This version uses a custom Filler spool holder. I added 28mm to the depth of the box to fit the new Filler on this version. I looked at reducing the Filler width, but I decided not to because of all the different size spools that are out there.

Version V1 - I added 45mm to the depth of the box to fit the Filler spool holder. Also added a custom mount for the Filler spool holder. This version uses the original Filler if you don't care about the extra box depth.

I added the two STL files for the parts that I modified. The rest of the parts are unchanged from the original designs.

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