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Flush snap-on v-slot insert

Flush snap-on v-slot insert

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Flush fitting snap-on v-slot inserts for 20mm aluminum extrusions which use very little material, no tools/disassembly required. Fits most 3d printers with aluminum extrusions such as Creality printers, i.e. Ender 3 V1 and V2.

There is a 7 clips version and a 15 clips version. I used the 7 clip version and it stays in place just fine. There is also a thick version of both models, which has thicker clips for a tighter snap if needed. All models are 100mm long, you can scale it up along the y-axis to the size you need. You can print them slightly too long and cut them to length with sharp sidecutters, as mentioned by Endersiastic in the comments.

20210409: I added the same models with thicker clips in case you need a tighter snap.

Print settings:

  • 0.12 mm resolution
  • 0% infill
  • 4 bottom layers
  • 0 top layers
  • 2 wall lines
  • Material: PLA
  • For esthetics you can make the initial bottom layer concentric.
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