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Gear Design, Fidget Spinner (3 barrings)

Gear Design, Fidget Spinner (3 barrings)

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by DAVE42 May 25, 2017

Gear design, Fidget spinner (3 barrings):

A Fidget Spinner toy, with a custom Gear Design.

OD: .75"
ID: .23"
Thickness: .235"

The Model:
Spinner's Hole Diameter: .775"
Grip's Peg Diameter: .23"
Overall Length: 3.93"

I uploaded the CAD file because you might need to go into the model and change the hole diameter to fit your bearings. For me I modeled the the hole diameter to be .775" for bearings that were .75" in diameter. You need to account for your printing tolerances. You can also use a bit of tape to fill the gaps around the bearings.

Needed parts:
1x GearSpinner_v01
2x GearSpinner-Grip_v01
3x Bearings

Print Settings

Printer: Anet A8

Supports: Doesn't Matter

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