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Gear Fidget Spinner

Gear Fidget Spinner

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by mistertech July 24, 2017

I designed this Gear Fidget Spinner as I like the way hears mesh together. I was able to eliminate a center bearing and make the center entirely out of plastic. This makes for a pretty quick print overall and a little cheaper per spinner (3 bearings rather than 4).

Notice that the "center gear" is floating. There is a rim on the top and bottom of the "center gear" that suspends and centers it using the 3 gears around it.

Note that all three bearings must be functional, unlike most spinners.

Requires 3 x 608 (22mm) bearings.

Please post your makes and comments!

Use my Spinner Press to help insert the bearings.

Print Settings

Printer: Hatchbox Alpha

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.25mm

Infill: 20%


Print 3 gears, 1 center gear, 1 cover pin, and 1 cover socket = 1 spinner.



  1. Insert the bearings in each gear
  2. Slide the bearings on to the "cover sockets"
  3. Fit the center gear between the gears
  4. Press the "cover pins" in to the "cover sockets".

All parts should press together pretty easily. If the "cover pins" part is loose, you can heat and gently squeeze the pins to make them very slightly oval shaped. They will then press together firmly.


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