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Gear Trio version 3

Gear Trio version 3

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by ThreeHamsWillKillHim August 04, 2016

Just a fun fidget toy, 3 gears in a box.

I've made 7 versions already (see some examples in the last picture) but I like this one the best so far, in terms of feel and inertia. If I come up with a better one, I'll upload as another version. Keep in mind there are already lots of similar gear toys here, which I've downloaded and learned from. Btw the ratio here is 1:7.5.

Make sure everything turns smoothly, then heat and spread the two pin segments to lock each gear in the box. A slight bend outward should suffice to hold in the gears. I use a torch lighter (very useful anyway in cleaning PLA) because a regular flame will melt and blacken the PLA too quickly. To do without one, I guess I would use a knife dipped in boiling water.

I didn't add a keychain ring because it's kind of bulky and maybe fragile, I think it's better as a desk toy, but feel free to add your own ring (like in Meshmixer).

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If you print it and love it, please do upload a Make and consider tipping! :)

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