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Herringbone gear rack and pinion

Herringbone gear rack and pinion

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by arpruss April 24, 2017

This is a herringbone (a version of the double helical) gear rack and pinion, remixed from a single helical rack and pinion by janssen86. The doubling up of the helical teeth removes the axial thrust of a single helical gear and also helps keep the gear centered.

I printed a test print prior to using this as a component of a bigger project, but found that both I and my kids also enjoyed this as a fidget toy! There is something quite satisfying about how nicely the pinion stays on track on the gear.

No supports needed. I printed at 0.20mm resolution with a 0.40mm nozzle. Note that in the current version (not the one I printed) the pinion prints upside-down relative to the rack. This is deliberate, as the bottom side gets squashed a little, and this should symmetrize the squashing. The squashing made my test print not align so nicely. I should do another test print at some point.

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