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Herringbone Screw Fidget Printed Assembled

Herringbone Screw Fidget Printed Assembled

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by fernandoant July 28, 2019

One more fidget toy.

It has a Herringbone gear reducer 20:15 and each of the gears is on a screw with pitches with the same proportion as the reduction, making the 2 gears move synchronously along their screws.

Print Settings

Printer: Custom made P3Steel

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.3mm

Infill: 30%

Filament brand: Any

Filament material: ABS


The gears have 0,1mm clearance as the screws have a 0.5mm clearance.



The gears need to be cut from their base with a knife, the connection has a width of 0.4mm so it is very easy to cut along the perimeter of the base of the gears.

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