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Hexagon lamp

Hexagon lamp

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Hexagon lamp

This is a wall mounted lamp for indirect lighting. It is assembled using LED aluminium profiles connected by 3d printed parts.



  • Added drawing for electrical wiring
  • Additional drawings added for easy assembly


  • Added nylon cord to drawing


  • Added link to Software for custom animation


  • Updated drawing for electrical wiring


You can finde the custom software to control this lamp on my GitHUB. I am using an arduino Nano IoT to control the lamp. The software is including a Webvisu. You can also find the installation instructions on GitHUB.

Needed parts (for the given example)

  • 3,19 m LED aluminium profil with cover. I used this one.
  • 2,9 m LED strip (10 mm wide). Make sure the strip can be cut in 10 cm long pieces. I used WS2812b Neopixel.
  • LED controller and power supply
  • wires
  • nylon cord

Needed Tools

  • Glue
  • Metal saw
  • Soldering iron and solder


  1. Cute the aluminium profil into 110 mm long pieces
  2. Connect the profiles using the corner/connector pieces and glue (See HexLamp.pdf)
  3. Cute the led strip into 100 mm long pieces
  4. Connect the stripes with short wires (apprx. 20-30 mm) (See Wiring.pdf and HexLamp.pdf)
  5. Glue the LED strip into the profiles
  6. Mount the distance pieces
  7. Attach the nylon cord in order to hang the lamp on the wall using a nail.

Planned Updates

I am planning to design a small enclosure for the arduino. I will add the files as soon as this is done.

Print Settings

Printer: Anet AM8

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Filament brand: colorFabb

Filament color: matte black

Filament material: PLA


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