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Hexy Desk Riser - Uses Ikea BURHULT Shelf

Hexy Desk Riser - Uses Ikea BURHULT Shelf

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Overkill on material use? Certainly.
Hexes? You got em.
More hexes because you want to use honeycomb infill? Hell yeah.

Uses the BURHULT Shelf from Ikea - white59x20 cm

I've uploaded the original as seen in the photo - but the tolerances are very tight to prevent racking (I learnt the term just now from kap_bid on Reddit).

Rather than throwing out a modified but untested version, instead, consider scaling the print up a tiny amount if you're worried about tolerances.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: CR-10

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 20%

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