Improve The Quality of Your 3D Prints

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3D printers can sometimes be very fickle and your prints may not always come out as planned. In this course, you will learn how to improve your 3D print quality by better understanding different 3D printer and slicer settings. The course starts with the basics, such as leveling the bed and default slicer settings and moves on to more advanced topics such as Z-hop distance, calibrating the extruder, and cleaning the nozzle. 

What you will learn in this online video course:

Course Outline:


3D Printer “Active Bed Leveling”

The Most Important Slicer Settings In Cura

Improving 3D Print Bed Adhesion.

How to Replace The Nozzle To Fix Under Extrusion

How To Print Fast And Maintain A Quality Finish.

Printing With Supports.

Object orientation For Optimal Print Quality and Strength.

Bridging. You Don’t Always Need Supports.

Experimental Slicer Settings