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Wolfe Pacific

Iron Man Helmet, Articulated, Wearable

Iron Man Helmet, Articulated, Wearable

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Update 12/09/2020:
Added a wiring video
Update the code for Eyes to blink on when facemask closes and off when facemask opens
Slight update to re-sizing instructions. Servo mounts should be scaled in X-Axis only.

Update 11/05/2020:
Added a two part sizing ring. They print flat on 200x200mm bed. Tape the two parts together and measure for size.

Update 11/01/2020:
Added Optional Eyes (dimmable)
Now there are 2 PDF instructions. One for Helmet with eyes and one without

Easy to print, easy to build.
Includes parts list, wiring diagram, and Arduino code to run the servos.
Comes with instructions for resizing and assembly

Assembly Video:
Eye Assembly Video:
Painting Video:
Wiring Video:

Notes: Servos will behave erratic on low batteries. Use usb when setting it up and fresh batteries when using the helmet.


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