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Iron Man MK5 Helmet

Iron Man MK5 Helmet

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Iron Man MK5 Helmet

Note: Messaging on thingiverse seems to be broken. FInd me on Instagram and send a message there.

Update 2: Uploaded mk5_sketch_ADJUSTABLE code file. With this file you can adjust global and individual servo movement.
Line 6-7 --> Adjust overall movement of small servos. Do not make large changes (over 25-50) because the servos will be taken pass their physical ranges and damage can happen.
Lines 27-38 --> Adjust each servo. Do not make large changes for main servos (over 100) for same reasons.

Update: Apologies, uploaded an older version of code. Uploaded the correct version - mk5_sketch_11-28-2021.ino

Fully articulated, Wearable, Chargable.
Easy to print, harder to build. Step by step guides are here to help you.

While download is broken, please find files and extras here:

Video Guide:
Helmet in Action:

What's included:
28 STL files
3 Guides (build, wiring, printing)
1 Code file
1 Parts list

10 servos driving the action of 10 parts in the facemask.
Single powerbank drives everything and can be recharged while still inside, no batteries needed.
2 power switches, one for Arduino, one for Servos.
Trigger is located in the chin.
Wire management.

Enjoy this build!
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Can I scale this helmet?
No, nope, not a chance.
How big is this helmet? Will it fit my head?
There is a "cage" you can print to test for fit.
Can I see through the eyes?
Yes, but not in the dark.
Can I dim the eyes down?
Not in this version, maybe in the future.
Why do all the servos buzz when the helmet is open?
9g servos are not strong enough to keep everything open without power. Keeping the power to servos creates buzz.
How long does one charge last?
Not sure, but it is in the hours, not in minutes.
How long will it take to print everything?
Depends on your printer and nozzle size. On my Ender 5Pro with a 0.6mm nozzle, total print time is about 48 hours.
How much filament do I need?
1kg roll should cover it all.

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