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Key Holder

Key Holder

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Just a simple multilevel Hexagonal Key tidy.

There are 3 heights of key fob to match the varying heights of the holder. Below are the quantities of each you would need to print to fill the holder but I think it looks better if you leave some gaps

x4 - 15

x11 - 20

x4 - 25

Depending on your printer you may need to scale the print to fit on your bed.

Technically there should be a 0.1mm gap between the fob and the holder but I had a slight issue with the squish effecting the fit of the fobs into the holder so I scaled the fobs slightly more than the holder.

I scaled to;

Holder = 70%
Fobs = 68.5%

Just because I preferred the smaller fob size for the keyrings.


I have added a v2 holder to fit the 15mm key fobs. That way you can print all 15's.
I have also added a v2 with holes as i know someone mentioned mounting it on a wall.


Print Settings


Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.16

Infill: 25%

Filament brand: Amazon Basics

Filament color: Any

Filament material: PLA

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