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Knockturn Alley Book Nook

Knockturn Alley Book Nook

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Update 1/20/2021: Added a remixed version that is scaled down to 85%. All parts should easily fit on an Ender 3 or similarly sized printer.

Update 1/15/2021: Fixed clearance issue with Facade 4. Added hole for lighting to Facade 2 - Window Box.

Update 1/6/2021: Added cut versions of top and bottom for smaller printers. Changed the name of a few files for clarification.

Update 1/5/2021: Added models for the bookcases and Vanishing Cabinet. These go in the upper floors of Borgin & Burke's.

This is a "book nook" inspired by the Knockturn Alley location in the fictional world of Harry Potter. The files may not be perfect, so be forewarned. Assembled with M5 screws, cheap 2" hinges, and obscene amounts of super glue. The bars below the bowed windows of Borgin & Burkes are just straightened paper clips.

While the main structure of the model is my work, many of the various props used to bring it to life were collected from all over Thingiverse.

Ornate wall lamp: here.

Potion bottles: here.

Barrel & LED Lantern: here.

Cauldrons: here.

Crates: here.

Barrels: here.

Hanging lights: here.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: CR-10S

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.16

Infill: 25%

Filament brand: Generic

Filament color: Black

Filament material: PLA


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