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LowPoly Darth Vader Pen Holder separate base

LowPoly Darth Vader Pen Holder separate base

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I separated Darth from the base so I could print them in different colors. I found the original base to be rather plain so I included 2 others with a pattern. I also found the connector to be too small so I included 4 at different sizes. Print all 4 and pick the one that fits best.

This is a remix of 2553725 with separate arms for less supports. Although I didn't modify the arms or head, I include them here for convenience.

The body will require supports. I added a brim to the arms just to be safe.

I printed the body, arms and platform at 0.2, the head and connectors at 0.15.

Update 12/4/2020
I added a version of Darth Vader with arms.

Print Settings

Printer: Prusa Mini

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 15%

Filament brand: Hatchbox and Prusament

Filament color: Black (Hatchbox), Galaxy Silver (Prusament)

Filament material: PLA


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