Mac Raspberry PI4B case

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This was inspired from The_Craft_Dude.
His design is great but i was looking for something simpler to put my raspberry PI so i design this.
My design is not so good as his but it will do the job, the main limitation is that the cover only opens about 60º, i'll improve it later.


  • Added a second main body for the Raspberry PI 3B


  • Improved the overall stability by centering the board on the case.
  • Improved the hinges strength


  • Changed the hinge, the other was too fragile and didn't allow the 90 degrees opening
  • Moved the board upwards 5mm to get a little more space for the cables
  • Added two more holes for cables

If you have any issues please, feel free to comment.

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.15

Infill: 10%

Filament brand: Unbranded

Filament color: White

Filament material: PLA

Notes: Printed in a JGaurora A5, sliced in Cura with tree supports.

Aside from the raspberry and 3010 fan standard screws, you will only need 2 m2x10 for the hinges, no nuts needed.