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Machine Vise with M5 Mount Nuts

Machine Vise with M5 Mount Nuts

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This is a remix of Yet ANOTHER Machine Vise by TheGoofy, to be used as base for LiftPod.


  • 3 slots for M5 nuts on one end. Allows to screw in 3 M5 bolts.
  • Printed thread changed to 45 degree overhang, easier to print, and longer pitch.
  • 6.35 Hex hole at the end of knob to drive easily.
  • Tolerance generally increased from 0.15mm to 0.25mm.
  • Added a 0.6mm flexible sleeve to increase friction.

It takes M5x25(or 20) bolt for LiftPod. Same as the clamp bolt.

Print the sleeves with flexible material.

No supports required. 0.2mm layer height. 3 wall lines. 35% infill. Increase top/bottom thickness to bases if you require more strength.

The M5 knob might appears to be ultra large in some slicers because the unit is falsely recognised as cm. If that's the case, just scale down to 10% in slicer.

Visit the page of original design for assembly instruction video.

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