Marble Machine - Fusion 360 Video Course Project

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This marble machine is one of the projects in my new Fusion 360 online course. The goal for this project was to make the design simple enough for someone to learn how to create themselves, yet have enough "wow" factor to be fun to show your friends.

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--- Includes ---
Ready to print STL files.
No Supports Needed (Easy to 3D Print)

LightSpeed marble machine is fully automatic. Flip the switch and watch in amazement as the marbles navigate the track. Each piece is ready to print and no supports are needed. This makes the process much simpler and easier for you. Each marble machine is powered by a 5V geared DC motor.

--- Hardware List ---
DC Motors:​
Metal Rods:​
Ball Bearings:​
Power Adapters:​
DC Switch:​
USB Cable:​
Soldering Iron: