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Mini Sanding Block

Mini Sanding Block

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This is a mini-sanding block I designed to help me with leather projects. I liked the size and versatility of it, so I wanted to share with anyone else who could use this for small, detailed work. It will accommodate most any sandpaper. I used 9-inch sheets and cut them to 1.5-inch strips to fit. The width of this is 1.5 inches, but can be easily modified for larger or smaller strips.

I used an Elegoo Mars to print this, but it should work for FDM printers as well. (Image printed with Siraya Tech Fast, 0.05mm).

Assembly is straightforward, and should not require any hand tools, but holes may shrink a bit depending on your machine..

Hardware Requirements:

  • M3 x 16mm Panhead Screw (2X)
  • M3 nut (2X)
Print Settings

Printer: Elegoo Mars

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.05mm

Infill: 90%

Filament brand: Siraya Tech Fast

Filament color: Grey

Filament material: Photopolymer Resin


I printed everything on its side. The only part that needed supports was the sandpaper clamp. Everything came out perfectly the first try (maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket).


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