Mobile Phone Tripod

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This thing is 100% 3D printable, but you might use pen springs as shown in the image

If you want to support my work, you can get a custom tripod by sending me an e-mail with a word or a simple black and white image. For example the pictures I took have a "RF" engraved

I strongly recommend to increase the infill the the screws and the outer leg models to at least 60% to ensure a resistant tripod.

Minimum height (legs horizontally): 16 cm
Normal height : 29 cm
Maximum height : 35 cm

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Print Settings


Printer: TWOTREES Bluer

Rafts: NO

Supports: NO

Resolution: 0.2mm layer height is fine

Infill: 20% to 60%

Filament brand: Old lawnmower thread (just kidding)

Filament color: You choose

Filament material: I used PLA (but the stronger the better)


  • All parts are print-oriented

  • You must enable brim in the inner_leg and outer_leg to ensure better bed adhesion

  • I strongly recommend to raise the infill in the screws and the outer_leg models to at least 60% to ensure a resistant tripod

  • Things I haven't tested and don't recommend:
    • Print leg parts horizontally (the finished piece will not look as good and
      the inner leg may not fit on the outer leg because of poor bridging)
    • Print the 3 pairs of legs at the same time (travels might rip out the pieces from the bed)


03/29/2021 - Tripod was uploaded

04/04/2021 - Outer_leg was improved in the screw thread

04/15/2021 11h - Now the phone will be very tight to the tripod

04/15/2021 12h - Middle support and joint support fit tight