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Modular Wire Spool Holder

Modular Wire Spool Holder

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I have bought wire of the label Striveday. It was delivered in a strange cardboard box, which should also serve as a dispenser. Working with it was frustrating, the wires got tangled up all the time, untangling was almost impossible, because all spools had to be removed and put back in at the same time.
So I designed a spool holder with the following features:

  • for reels with 20mm width, up to 60mm / 25.5mm diameter ('Striveday')
  • Modular design, any number of units can be combined
  • Reels individually exchangeable
  • Wire is clamped in a V-shaped notch for fixation
  • Can be glued together for assembly or screwed together with threaded rods
  • .stl files available for an empty spool

The holder is made up of several parts and consists of two side parts and the required number of reel holders. You can either glue the parts together or screw them together with 3 correspondingly cut M3 threaded rods. The parts are aligned to each other with pins and the corresponding holders.

The set consists of the following parts:
SpoolHolder.stl - This is the central element of the holder, it is the chamber for a single reel. It must be printed once for each reel.
After printing, the bridge in the V-shaped wire clamp must be carefully freed. The bridge is only 0.2mm thick, but it had to be so that the holder can be printed without support. In Cura, the option "Shell - Print Thin Walls" must be activated in the advanced settings for printing the 0.2mm bridge . The same setting can be found in Prusa slicer under "Print Settings - Layers an perimeters - Ouality - Detect thin walls".

SidePanelLeft.stl - It forms the end of the holder on the left side. At the same time it provides the necessary guide for the reel centering. It only needs to be printed once per holder.

SidePanelRight.stl - The corresponding counterpart on the right side. It is without function and only forms an optical finish. Also only one piece per holder is needed.

ReelCenteringUnit.stl - Used to center the reel in the holder. It is in two parts for easier printing. I glued the parts together with plastic glue. The part is not necessarily needed, you can also just put the coil in the holder.

ReelCore and ReelDisc.stl - If you have the wire on an unsuitable reel or just loose, you need another reel. This reel is also in two parts and has to be glued together with plastic glue.

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