Mudhorn Clan

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This is a remix using:
Mudhorn Signet Coaster:
Baby Yoda w/Bowl:
The Mandalorian Support Free Remix:

I combined to create a Mudhorn Clan statue for your enjoyment. The model will require custom supports under the Child's cup. Other than that it will print support free.

Post your makes. Tips are nice too!

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 3 Pro

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.12

Infill: 20%

Filament brand: Mika3D

Filament color: Metallic Blue Sapphire

Filament material: PLA


I used Mika3D Metallic Blue Sapphire PLA+ filament in PrusaSlicer with a support enforcer under the Child's soup cup.