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Octo gear spinner

Octo gear spinner

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by zac6x9 December 29, 2020


This is a print in place toy that is a cross between a fidget spinner and a snake toy.

It can be printed in place and the end caps snap in once the gear is free.
It does not require support or brim on my CR6SE but the bed does need to be super clean

the gear is from
I tried to add this as a derivative but Thingiverse is playing up

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: CR-10

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 20%

Filament brand:

Eryone Silk

Filament color: Silver

Filament material: PLA

to get the bearing free


Use a 3mm Allen key and turn it by hand to start.
Put a 3mm hex driver in a drill and run it under water (stops the PLA melting).
Take care to run forward and back and pushing in both directions particularly if you have ANY elephants footing this will remove that little ridge.
Then and only then snap the caps in if you are like me and print the caps flat the pin in the center will fail due to layer adheasion weakness when you try to take it off.

How I Designed This
SCAD and Fusion 360


I used his scad file to generate an obj for import into fusion 360 the settings for the scad were outer diameter of ring D=27.5;
thickness T=10;
clearance tol=0.15;

Once in fusion I cleaned the outside surface using a boolean so I could stick the first ring of the leg chain on to it

The legs are octagonal in shape and the rings are printed at 45deg so they can be curved and still require no support.

When I first started designing this I was looking for existing legs but they were not heavy enough to spin nicely nor reversible this toy has no top surface or so I designed my own.

the end caps at the start did not have the holes in them I thought this was a pity as I could not see the planetary herring bone bearing which is the highlight of this design.

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