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Offset Herringbone Gear fidget spinner

Offset Herringbone Gear fidget spinner

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by MaxBrunelle4 April 28, 2016

Note -You need support material in order to print this key-chain. When sizing to your print bed it works great at a scale of .25 (2 1/5 inches) or .3 (3 inches)

This gear is 3 separate pieces but prints as one item. It based off of a herringbone gear, but to increase contact points, I offset the top and bottom set of teeth. Once all the support material is dissolved and removed the gear spins very smooth.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Stratasys

Printer: uPrint SE

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: .01in

Infill: High Dentisty

How I Designed This

I used Autocad 2016 to design this piece, first experimenting with herringbone gears, then changing the way the gears are arranged. Next I wanted a way to test this, and make it have a purpose. so I started to design a case around the two gears. to ensure the piece could be more sturdy when using as a key-chain, so designed so the gear could print freely inside of the case.

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