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Planetary Gearbox Necklace

Planetary Gearbox Necklace

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by Sniff_Biggy October 06, 2019

This necklace features a working miniature planetary gearbox that can be spun remotely by tugging on the necklace string. Requires no glue or fasteners; all parts are friction fit.

There are several variations to choose from:

  • 3 or 6 gear planet carriers.
  • Three options for printing the shell:
    1.) Can be printed in two part as shown in the pictures. This allows it to be printed
    without supports and gives cleaner faces.
    2.) Single piece variant - may be better for some
    materials (resin, brittle filaments, or composites etc.) or for those who are stuggling with
    over extrusion or elephant feet. Requires supports
    3.) Single piece variant with sacrificial layer. Same as #2 but with a sacrificial layer
    instead of supports. RECOMMENDED.

Edit: I've fixed the issue that Simplify3D users were having with the intersecting shells in the "Top v2" part.

Edit (10/8/19): Added a third shell option.

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