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Print-A-Kit / VIP Reservation

Print-A-Kit / VIP Reservation

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Become a VIP backer and get exclusive perks. Launching soon on Kickstarter.

Print-a-Kit | 3D Printable Science & Engineering Kits

A fun way to learn and experience engineering. Five 3D printable kits designed for all ages.

What is Print-A-Kit?

3D printable STL kits and exclusive videos that let you experience some of the coolest engineering principles.

Print-A-Kit is a new way to learn and experience engineering in a fun way for all ages. Each month, you receive an email directly to your inbox with all the STLs needed to 3D print your own engineering kit.


How Does it Work?

  1. STLs for each kit are delivered to your email inbox once a month.
  2. Download the STLs and start printing!
  3. Watch the exclusive videos that describe the cool engineering principles featured with each kit. 
  4. Each kit introduces you to a really cool engineering concept. 

5 Unique Kits:

  1. 01 - Insane Gear Ratios
  2. 02 - The Design of Train Wheels is Genius
  3. 03 - Projectile Motion 
  4. 04 - Cool things about Automobiles
  5. 05 - Engineering 101

Who is Print-A-Kit for?

Print-A-Kit is for anyone who enjoys making things and for those of you who love to learn how things work. The 5 unique kits are designed to be enjoyed by all ages.

What is a "VIP Reservation"?

Gain exclusive perks when you sign up to become a VIP:

Launching soon on Kickstarter! Become a VIP backer and gain access to exclusive perks:

1️⃣ Early Bird Special Access Notification - Guaranteed access to the early bird price.
2️⃣ Early Access to STL Files - Get the STLs before everyone else!
3️⃣ A Special Bonus STL File - Exclusive to VIP backers.
4️⃣ Beta Testing Privileges - Become a 'Test Engineer' and provide your own valuable input.

Don't miss your chance to secure these exclusive perks!


***this product is a VIP reservation for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign and is NOT for the actual STL files***

***Satisfaction guaranteed. Fully refundable***

Happy printing!



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