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Print-in-Place Kaleidocycle

Print-in-Place Kaleidocycle

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A kaleidocycle that prints-in-place! No need to assemble anything; the kaleidocycle comes out of the printer bed ready to use. And it prints without supports as well.

The models shown in the photos were printed in PLA. Print at 0.2mm layer resolution or better (the blue one is printed at 0.3mm layer resolution and it doesn't move smoothly). The purple and white are 0.2mm prints and the pink one is a 0.1mm print--the three of them work perfectly well.

I have uploaded two versions of the thing. If in doubt or in a hurry, print the "PrintInPlace_Kaleydocycle.STL" at 0.2mm layer resolution in PLA and you'll be happy.

You can use the "tight" STL version if you have a good printer (*); your resulting kaleidocycle will have slightly better mechanical properties. The only difference between this "tight" model and the other one is that the slack between the moving parts is smaller, and as a consequence it wobbles less and twists better.

The pink kaleidocycle in the photos is the "tight" version. The purple and blue are the standard version and the white is halfway between.

You can see a video of the kaleidocycle in action here


(*) if you want/need to know if you have a good printer, print the tight model and if the moving parts don't fuse together, then you have a good printer.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Prusa

Printer: i3 MK3

Rafts: No

Supports: No 

Resolution: 0.2mm or better

Filament brand: Bq, Sunlu

Filament color: Pink, Purple, Blue, White

Filament material: PLA

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