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Print-in-place uber fidget ring

Print-in-place uber fidget ring

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by makkuro February 21, 2022

This model
Uber ;-) fun with this new geared fidget ring! If you like the standard fidget ring and the dual fidget ring, but grew too accustomed to them, this one will give you quite and alternative to play with.

See the action
On youtube you can see the ring in action.

Note that this model is print-in-place, but you have to have some patience to remove the support material. Take your time, and if possible have some tools ready like small pliers.

Up to now, there is only one size available (20mm finger diameter), but I will look into how to scale things later.

There are two versions. V5 has a lot of slack, runs freely, but blocks itself when things get too misaligned due to too much slack. V6 has little slack, runs less freely, but overall more exact.

In case you want to customize things (even though its not yet always producing printable parts, so you need to know what you are doing), please install OpenSCAD on your own computer and follow these instructions to customize your ring.

Thanks go out to aubenc for the knurledFinishLib_v2 and to janssen86 for the Getriebe library.

If you could take a picture of an actual print, please "comment" and attach the picture on PrusaPrinters and here on Thingiverse. - I am curious to see your uses in the wild!

If you like it, you can check out the dual fidget ring:

And the original print-in-place fidget ring: fidget ring

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Print instructions

You will need support:

In PrusaSlicer,

  • switch on support material,
  • set overhang threshhold to 0 for automatic detection,
  • set style to seamless. This is the most important, as it will reduce support material and just creates a thin support ring around the main ring. The support is then easier to remove.

You can see the support in green in the picture below

Other standard settings will be fine, like infill of 20%, layer height of .2mm, 2 perimeters. If you print with .1mm for me the support was a bit harder to remove.

Support removal

After printing, you will need some patience and ideally a small plier and a pick to remove it. Start with the bigger pieces between the gears, then remove the support between the gear teeth by pressing on them with a pointy device. Once you removed all supports, push on the tiny green supports above the small gears, to disconnect the small gears from the top/bottom rings. Then with quite some force turn the top and bottom rings in two different directions, back and forth. This will finally free up all the rings. After turning for 1-2 teeth, you can clean up the tiny gears from any residual support material.

I printed several rings and all came out fine. It just takes a little patience to remove all support material.

At the end, turn the rings a few times to make them spin better.

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