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Printable Fidget Cube

Printable Fidget Cube

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by drjames January 16, 2017

This is my version of a printable fidget Cube. It is fully printable excluding the five buttons.

Full credit for the Fidget Cube-idea goes to Antsy Labs ( who ran a very successful kickstarter campaign. My design is just loosely based on the real fidget cube and borrows other design ideas from similar designs uploaded here on thingiverse, including:

Twitch Block by MatterHackers (
Fidget Cube by CThig (
Fidget Cube replica by dudu_abdu (

Please have a look at their designs as well!

Required Items

  1. A set of printed parts (See HowTo)

  2. Four 6 x 6 x 5mm tact switches (like these:

  3. One 8.5 x 8.5mm latching push button (like these:

  4. Glue suitable for your filament of choice.

How To

  1. Print each of the three files. Cube and caps with 20% infill, no support, "things" (Buttons, wheel, etc.) with 50% infill, no support.
  2. Clean prints as best as possible by filing, sanding, etc. This is important, as there are some pretty steep overhangs in this design.
  3. Insert switches and buttons into their respective holes and cover with printed buttons. (Most probably you need to remove the pins/contacts from your buttons to make them fit)
  4. Use a piece of 1.75mm Filament as axle for the gear wheels. Push through from maze side to rocker-switch side of the cube.
  5. Push in the printed rocker switch
  6. Insert sliding knob into maze by pulling the maze cap slightly upwards

If all goes well (Test/break in all moving parts until they move freely) you should glue the six caps on to keep them in place.

Be careful not to glue any buttons/sliders in place permanently!

Have fun :D

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