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Shelf Support / Bracket V2

Shelf Support / Bracket V2

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I felt like the first design was not aesthetically pleasing so I had another go at it.
For a matching pair just mirror the parts in your slicer.

I recommend rotating the "main support" so that it's essentially upside down with the dovetail slot sticking up in the air.

For the "inlay" you'll want to print it on it’s side so the hexagons lie on the bed.

Go for min. 3 wall lines, and an infill of 20% or more.

Post pictures of your colorscheme if you decide on making one please :)

Tolerances are 0,2 mm on all sides for the inlay, I printed it on a raft in order to avoid any surprises when inserting into main support.

Print Settings

Printer: BIQU B1

Rafts: Yes

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 200

Infill: 20

Filament brand: Generic

Filament color: White/Green

Filament material: PLA


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