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Spice bag holder

Spice bag holder

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I printed couple of @AUREL_14's excellent spice holders and noticed that we have bunch of spices in small bags and they were always in the way and didn't find their places in our kitchen. So I designed these to get them sorted similar way than AUREL_14 had made.

There are thin and fat versions, which have 10mm and 20mm room inside. I needed to make holes in front in order to get this installed with screws, so I then added few other holes to make front wall "prettier". There are "left" and "right" version of both thin and fat, so if you need to print several of these side by side, they don't all look the same. Artsy, you know!

Link to @AUREL_14's models:

edit: 27.12.2020
Added bigger version of thin_right upon request, it is 30cm wide, 40mm deep and 45mm tall.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 3

Rafts: Yes

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.25

Infill: no

Filament brand: ?

Filament color: white

Filament material: pla


I used raft, since these are quite long and narrow things, so warping was major threat even with "mouse ears" on corners or brim. Just 2 layers on the raft is enough and won't incresen filament usage that much. Wall thickness is calculated with 0.4mm line width and set wall line count to at least 3, so there will be 4 walls on back and front and 5 on the sides.
With raft, these take about 40 grams of filament per unit and print in little over 3 hours if used 60mm/s speed.


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