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TicTac Gun

TicTac Gun

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The 3-D printed TicTac gun I made as an idea me and my kids came up with the reason it doesn’t shoot far is because it’s made to shoot in your mouth and I don’t want someone to choke on tictacs

It fits any tictac container I think ? first take out the plastic insert for the tictac container flip the gun upside down then connect it should fit snug.

Second for the spring inside the gun I used a spring from a ballpoint pen clicky top you can use any spring that’s the same size

There’s a couple ways to secure both half‘s you can glue on one half to another or use screws to clamp and Secure both halves

Print Settings

Printer brand: MakerBot

Printer: MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation)

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Doesn't Matter

Resolution: 200

Infill: 38

Filament brand: PolyMaker

Filament color: Org

Filament material: PLA


I used a Spring From a Pen i laid it out in 2 parts to print easy i didnt use any rafts or supports but you can if need be.

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