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TicTac Gun 2 (TTG2)

TicTac Gun 2 (TTG2)

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Firstly, huge props to the original creator of this TicTac Gun, it was a really good toy and mechanism.

My Tic Tac Gun 2 has some updates and fixes, I also took into account some of the suggestions on the comments from the original Thing.


  • Trigger mechanism was redesigned to prevent the tictacs falling out of the barrel.
  • Loading mechanism was redesigned for more reliable loading and firing.
  • Tictac box connection point was updated to allow for two different sized boxes.
  • a "Set" window on the left side was added to quickly see if the tictac is correctly seated and ready to fire.
  • Trigger was moved forward slightly.
  • break-away bridge supports were added for cleaner printing, (can be easily snapped away before use)
  • Two versions - one for 4mm "Pen Spring", another for 6mm BIG Spring (recommended).
    For 6mm spring (I used 6mm OD, 0.6 wire size, 50MM free length) - Amazon UK link:
  • Overall model adjustments for cleaner 3d printing.

Please make sure the screw holding the trigger is NOT LOOSE, you must tighten it, otherwise it may not lock in place correctly when the gun is set for firing <<<

Please note that 3D printing orientation was taken seriously when designing the parts. all parts can be printing without supports.

Any suggestions please leave them in the comments.

Again, an excellent design by the originator, his summary is below.

Hopefully, it works well for everyone, Enjoy!


The 3-D printed TicTac gun - It fits any tictac container first take out the plastic insert for the tictac container flip the gun upside down then connect it should fit snug.

Second for the spring inside the gun I used a spring from a ballpoint pen clicky top you can use any spring that’s the same size

There’s a couple ways to secure both half‘s you can glue on one half to another or use screws to clamp and Secure both halves

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