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Twist Lock Coffin

Twist Lock Coffin

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This trick box has a hidden latch mechanism that will keep it securely closed until you twist a particular section of the lid.

This remix of the original Twist Lock Trick Box (hexagon) is now a spooky coffin!

This design is 80% smaller than other Twist Lock Box designs. If you plan to use a custom topper made for a standard-sized Twist Lock Box, either scale the coffin up my 125% or scale the topper down 80%.



Assembly is the same as the original Twist Lock Trick Box. Watch this video for the complete process.

Make sure to pre-tension the spring by one gear tooth
This will assure that the latches have a strong hold on the base. This is also necessary for the alignment of some toppers.

Make sure to glue the spring and topper
If you do not fully secure these parts, the mechanism may become detached while in a locked state. I recommend using either super glue or 3D Gloop!, but hot glue can work as well.


Can I sell copies of this?


Yes! This project was shared under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

This license allows selling copies, but you must provide proper attribution, as detailed in the license itself.

Please note that any other projects linked here (remixes or related projects) may have a different license. Please respect those licenses.

Click here for attribution examples


August 23rd, 2021


Topper_Plain.stl and Topper_Skull.stl now have slightly more clearance so they can fit onto the gear without excessive force.


October, 2021


  • Added Topper_Skull_with_Scratch.stl (originally named Topper_Skull.stl)
  • Added Topper_Scratch.stl
  • Added Topper_Skull.stl
  • Added Topper_Spider.stl


November 30th. 2021


Added Spring_with_Large_Peg.stl and Gear_with_Large_Peg_Hole.stl
Use these this alternate spring and gear set if you have issues with the spring peg breaking.


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