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Under desk drawer

Under desk drawer

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Under desk drawer system. Screw the runners under your desk, choose a version of drawer to print and slide it on the runners. Drawer dimensions 200mm long, 120mm wide, 60mm deep. Half height version also available approx 30mm deep. Designed so no supports are needed when printing. I have allowed a little bit of play between runners and drawers, so it doesn't "stick" when opening.

Good for storing small items (pens, paper clips, staples, etc) to keep your desk tidy.

EDIT: 27 Oct 2020. Added half height draw handles v1 and v2.

EDIT: 14 Oct 2020. Added runners v2 3M strips. No mounting holes and has wider (16mm) supports to attach 3 x 3M strips for sticking under your desk.

EDIT: 11 Oct 2020. Added two different style (and optional) drawer handles. If you don't like the 'hole' for a handle, print out a selected style and push fit through the rear of the drawer to have an external handle. See images for an example. 12th Oct, re-uploaded handle v1 and v2 to be slightly larger due to the initial release being too hard to grip. Designed to be a tight press fit (no glue needed)

EDIT: 26 Sep 2020. Added runners v2. These are 1mm shorter than v1 allowing for a tighter fit of the drawer to runners. So... v1 runners have 1mm clearance each side, v2 runners have 0.5mm clearance each side. If your printer settings are dialed in well you should be able to use v2 and have the drawers slide firmly but freely. Alternately if you print at higher than 0.2 resolution and/or larger than 0.4mm nozzle you may want to consider v1 runners.

drawer-v1 = no divider (single partition) - black/purple photo
drawer-v2 = width divider (two partitions) - black/yellow photo
drawer-v3 = length divider (two partitions)
drawer-v4 = width and length divider (four partitions)

Half height versions same dividers as above, but drawer approx 30mm high.

If you are after a smaller under desk swivel tray, check out my other design here:

If you like it, click LIKE! If you make it, post your Make! If you have a problem with it, post a Comment and I will try and fix it!

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 5

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 20%

Filament brand: eSun

Filament color: Black and Yellow

Filament material: PLA


Ignore the indentation line near the top of the yellow drawer, this isn't part of the actual design. My print ran out of filament near the end and Z axis dropped, so had to cut, print and plastic weld the top part on as didn't want to reprint from scratch! :-)


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